Letter of Protest (10/2021)

The attached file is a Letter of Protest signed by the Bagrationi Family Association board members. This letter is related to news of David Mukhransky who recently attended his relative’s wedding ceremony in Russia where he improperly presented himself as Head of the royal house of Georgia.

Conference on Monarchical Governance

The Royal House is pleased to announce the organization an international conference on this important topic, at which a number of royal representatives will be invited along with scholars and general public guests. This event coincides with the establishment of the Royal and Intergovernmental Institute for Monarchical Governance which will document the benefits of constitutional […]

Supporting Orthodox monasteries in Georgia

The Royal Family is committed to supporting Orthodox monastic life and institutions in Georgia, and provides a list of monasteries eligible for designations through the Royal Charities and Royal Fund: A Achi Monastery Agara monastery Akura church Alaverdi Monastery B Betania Monastery Bieti Monastery Bodbe Monastery C Chulevi Monastery D David Gareja Lavra David Gareja […]

Royal Patronage List Published for 2021

The Royal Family has announced its intention to publish an annual and therefore up-to-date list of institutions enjoying Patronage or Warrant. This list is being prepared as of March 2020 and will be published on this official website before May 1, 2020. In all cases, inquiries to the Chancellery are welcome.