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Royal Family Charters

In the current practice of the Royal House, a grant of arms may be combined with what is known as a Family Charter. This takes the form of a formal certificate on the model of a Grant of Arms, to which is attached a longer document aimed at establishing a family line or house with certain principles, values, and rules. A Family Charter is the fruit of significant reflection by the head of the new House, with the intention to be passed on an honored by successive generations.

Obtaining a Family Charter from the Royal House of Georgia is significant and valuable for several reasons:

  • The royal house is among the oldest Christian dynasties
  • It is of special interest to Orthodox and Catholic families
  • The process is open to citizens of countries where no heraldic authority exists or has jurisdiction over the request
  • The grant of arms may be associated with a family charter
  • The process is done in cooperation with the Intergovernmental College of Arms and Traditional Societies (ICATS), a duly chartered and established intergovernmental institution.

Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti

The Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti (Georgian: ქართლ-კახეთის სამეფო) (1762–1801[1][2]) was created in 1762 by the unification of two eastern Georgian kingdoms of Kartli and Kakheti. From the early 16th century, according to the 1555 Peace

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